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Ratae R.C. 25m Open TT - Saturday 27th September 2014

Ratae R.C.

25 mile 'Open' Time Trial - A25/20, Six Hill / Widmerpool - Saturday 27th September 2014




Handicap                       1.      Chris Whitmore

                                       2.      Mark Russell

                                       3.      Terry Horsburgh


Fastest                           1.      Robert Gray

                                        2.      Phil Raynor


Fastest Ladies              1.      Louise Day

                                       2.      Linda Hubbard


Vets on Standard          1.      Ron Hallam

                                       2.      Geoff Platts


Full Results


Pos.NameClubActualVets+/-H/cap Time
1.Robert GrayPedal Power Lo'boro.00:53:0813:1800:42:38
2.Phil RaynorWelland Valley C.C.00:53:5214:1000:47:02
3=.Carl DysonAchieve C.C.00:54:22 00:42:51
3=.Geoff PlattsMG Decor00:54:2215:4200:48:39
5.Richard SearleHinckley C.R.C.00:55:2811:1100:45:40
6.Gary SymonsWitham Wheelers00:55:5210:2100:43:58
7.Dave RobinsonFlex-Tech Rt00:56:1213:2200:48:13
8.Rob StephensonCoalville Wheelers00:56:5710:2900:47:44
9.Carl Bromley                Leicester Forest C.C.           00:57:12             09:27            00:46:42
10.     John PowellLeicester Forest C.C.00:57:5609:4200:46:03
11.Andy SmithNorth Notts. Olympic00:58:0808:0500:49:36
12.Peter LevineCoalville Wheelers00:58:2211:4200:47:44
13.Simon PricePara T Cycling Team00:58:3608:1500:42:16
14.Jon BeereWitham Wheelers00:58:39 00:46:47
15.Chris SprottLeicester Forest C.C.00:58:52 00:47:52
16.Richard SheldrakeLincoln Wheelers00:59:2206:5100:49:51
17.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.00:59:23 00:42:51
18.Richard ParrotteShaftesbury00:59:4308:0700:46:20
19.Mark RussellCoalville Wheelers01:00:0707:5500:40:47
20.Nathan AstleyManchester Wheelers01:00:3506:2800:50:22
21.Roger SewellHounslow and District01:00:5611:4800:49:10
22.Jake HubbardWelland Valley C.C.01:00:58 00:49:11
23.Alan MorrisHinckley C.R.C.01:01:0707:3200:43:44
24.Chris WhitmoreRatae R.C.01:01:14 00:37:39
25.Martin HeadleyWitham Wheelers01:01:1806:2000:48:07
26.Michael WeaverRotherham Wheelers01:02:5109:0700:49:46
27.Louise DayJewson/MI/Polypipe01:04:3010:0800:48:46
28.Martin ListerWitham Wheelers01:05:4705:1000:47:04
29.Linda HubbardWelland Valley C.C.01:06:0306:5900:51:35
30.Anthony HardenbergWitham Wheelers01:06:0805:2800:46:15
31.Simon WardWelland Valley C.C.01:07:10- 00:1900:45:24
32.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.01:07:3205:1200:41:16
33.Dave YorkRatae R.C.01:07:3403:0400:47:48
34.John ArlottLeicester Forest C.C.01:09:0000:3400:45:33
35.Rod WestonLeicestershire R.C.01:09:0903:3500:45:49
36.Ron HallamSouth Pennine R.C. 01:09:2916:0300:52:29
37.Colin HearnRatae R.C.01:12:1100:5900:45:21
38.Brigitte GaillardRatae R.C.01:12:1501:2600:45:13
39.Peter AkoslovskiA5 Rangers01:12:23- 02:0200:56:04
40.Mike SpurrLeicestershire R.C. 01:13:1200:5400:44:27
41.Rieta SimmondsRatae R.C.01:15:3000:50 
42.Steve Kelly Hinckley C.R.C.01:17:58- 06:4200:41:42
43.Susan DoramRatae R.C.01:20:54- 08:4401:02:46
 Simon DavisSevern ValleyApol.  
 Steve HowgillLeicestershire R.C.Apol.  
 Jason AldermanArmy C.U.Apol.  
 Stephen RadmallHinckley C.R.C.Apol.  
 Niall RamplinArmy C.U.Apol.  
 Steve BoatWelland Valley C.C.Apol.  
 Robin MacLaganVTTA NMDNF  
 Ged MillwardIlkley C.C.DNS  
 Gail SummerlinSouth Pennine R.C.DNS  
 Jim BoyleCherry Valley B. & C.DNS  
 Jenny BosmanSherwod C.C.Apol.  



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