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Club 'Standards' Competition - Target Times for 2018 - Open to All First Claim Members


Each year, the Club organises a competition based on setting target times for individual time trial riders.

Again for 2018 the entry for all of our Members will be automatic and will not incur any cost.

Jim York has again set target times from results based on a minimum of two performances in Ratae Club Events on the Gilmorton 10 mile T.T. course.  All the events we hold on the Gilmorton course this year will qualify for 'Club Standard' times.

At the end of the Season, the riders who have reached or beaten their target times will be awarded a medal.  Additionally, the Ratae Ladder Trophy will be awarded to the rider who has exceeded on his or her 'Standard' by the greatest margin.

Jim has already allotted a 'Club Standard Time' for all of our Members who competed in a minimum of two T.T.'s ( over the full 10 mile Course ), at Gilmorton in 2017.  For new Members or Members who have commenced to Time Trial this year, once they have competed on two occasions, they will also be allotted a target time for the remainder of the 2018.

This is a great inclusive opportunity for all riders of all abilities to achieve success. - It is the amount of improvement that will count.

There are many variables to take into account on how to set individual 'standard times' and Jim York has used his wealth of experience to evaluate these for each rider.

The target times set for our members are displayed below and this will be updated as newly qualified riders or new members are added to the list.  Once a rider has reached or beaten their target,  it will be be displayed as 'Achieved'.

This was a new venture, set up in 2016, and was well received.  Jim York does not have access to IT technology, so there may be some delay in updating those who qualify for inclusion or have achieved their targets.  The Club are indebted to him for the work that he puts into this.

If there are any queries - use 'Email Us' on the website.


Terry Horsburgh         28:15                        Chris Spray                  25:25
Ed Watson23:50Anthony Spence25:35
Steve Rhodes23:40Jack Burton28:00
Jas Purewal29:30Andy Cassie27:00
Brigitte Gaillard28:45Chris Wilcox27:50
Neil Metcalfe26:05Daniel Reidenbach24:50
Grant Hammond29:00Harry Redfern29:00
George Hoseason24:10Paul Higginson29:25
David York29:00Chris Whittle25:20
Chris Whitmore24:15John Fox30:00
Alex Whitmore23:00Jim Smith30:20
Chris Redfern30:50David Meider28:35
Bob Perrett30:00Nick Redfern26:30
Sally Richards29:00Colum Foster24:00
Nick Davis30.00Anna Davis39:30
Paul Eden32:00Ruthie Coles30:30


Riders who only entered one event in 2017 and will be given a 'standard time' after their first ride this year.

( N.B. This will have to have been over the full 10 mile Gilmorton Circuit ).

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