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A Tribute to Roy Knight
21 September 2017, 13.44
A Tribute to Roy Knight - Ratae Club Member, who died...
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'The Leveller' TT - Gilmorton - 11th March 2017


Early Season TT - Race 2  -  Incorporating 'The Leveller' Trophies

Gilmorton - Saturday 4th March 2017

 Winners of the Leveller Trophies are : - Women - Lucy Sturgess - Leicester Forest C.C.

                                                                            Men - Kenny Cliffe - Leicester Forest C.C.


Full Results - ( RB ) designates riders competing on a 'road bike'


1.              Kenny Cliffe                             Leicester Forest C.C.                    23:41       RB     
2.Ed TarelliRace Hub23:52 
3.Neil HoldenLutterworth CCRT24:04 
4.Will PerrettLangdale Lightweights24:11RB
5.Greg BrookesLutterworth CCRT24:16 
6.Julian TwynhamBotterill HSS Hire24:20 
7.Mark WiseTeam Jewson24:23 
8.Mark WhiteMark White RT24:38 
9.=Ed WatsonRatae R.C.24:40 
9.=Carl BromleySpeed Hub24:40 
11.Dan FisherLeicester Forest C.C.24:52 
12.Jake DobsonBrother NRG Drive Plan24:53RB
13.Simon AskhamLeicester Forest C.C.25:01RB
14.Ben WhitakerLutterworth CCRT25:07 
15.Phil RaynerWelland Valley C.C.25:18RB
16.John PowellLeicester Forest C.C.25:35RB
17.Matt DowlingLeicester Forest C.C.25:50 
18.Simon OldacreMark White RT26:00 
19.Chris SprottLeicester Forest C.C.26:01 
20.Martin PerrettHeanor Clarion26:02RB
21.Ashley RoueLutterworth CCRT26:14 
22.Darren WilliamsMark White RT26:16 
23.Daniel ReidenbachRatae R.C.26:18RB
24.Phil RandleS.S.U.C.26:26RB
25.George HoseasonRatae R.C.26:36RB
26.James Lowe  ( Jun. )Ratae Day Member26:44RB
27.=Darren BenitRace Hub26:46 
27.=Anthony SpenceRatae R.C.26:46 
29.Marc FaircloughLutterworth CCRT26:49RB
30.Peter AfanoMark White RT26:53 
31.John CarrRatae Day Member27:00 
32.Nik KershawWelland Valley C.C.27:11 
33.Neil MetcalfeRatae R.C.27:26RB
34.Chris AylwardLeicester Forest C.C.27:29RB
35.Alan MorrisHinckley C.R.C.27:34 
36.Dean BarberSheffield Univ. C.C.27:37 
37.=Lucy Sturgess  ( W )Leicester Forest C.C.27:48RB
37.=Mitch JamesWelland Valley C.C.27:48RB
39.Charlie HoltonWelland Valley C.C.28:05RB
40.Steve BrianceLeicester Forest C.C.28:10RB
41.Craig WaltonS.S.U.C.28:20RB
42.S. MaitlandBeeston C.C.28:22RB
43.Andy CassieRatae R.C.28:44RB
44.=Lindsay Newman  ( W )Team Jewson28:47RB
44.=Chris WilcoxRatae R.C.28:47 
46.Laura Owler  ( W )Beeston C.C.29:02RB
47.Martin TowersMark White RT29:10 
48.Jas PurewalRatae R.C.29:24RB
49.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.29:26 
50.Matt Carroll Mark White RT29:31 
51.Grant HammondRatae R.C.30:21RB
52.Ben TelfordRatae Day Member30:24 
53.Jason CongSpeed Hub30:25RB
54.Harry RedfernRatae R.C.31:28RB
55.Peter LeeLeicestershire Road Club31:55RB
56.Roy KnightRatae R.C.32:09 
57.Amy Rudkin  ( W )Speed Hub32:14RB
58.Annette Roberts  ( W )Team Jewson32:15 
59.Louise Wright  ( W )Mark White RT32:42RB
60.Sophie Ward  ( W )Welland Valley C.C.34:11RB
61.Alison Rudkin  ( W )Speed Hub34:28 
62.Matt FinchLeicester Forest C.C.35:30RB
63.Wll FinchLeicester Forest C.C.36:48RB
64.Anna Davis  ( W )Kettering C.C.41:58RB
 David SweetmanWelland ValleyD.N.F. 
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