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Ratae R.C. Open 25 - A25/20 - 12th September 2015


Ratae R. C. - Open 25 mile Time Trial - A25/20,  Six Hills - Saturday 12th September 2015




1st      Robert Gibbons                     Hinckley C.R.C.               £20.00    
2ndMostyn BullockBuxton C.C.£15.00



1st      Denise Bayliss   ( W )            W.C. Sheffield R.T.           £20.00
2ndJoanne Walker   ( W )W.C. Sheffield R.T.£15.00


          Vets on Standard

1st      Geoff Platts                          MG Decor                              £15.00
2ndPatrick BeilbyLeicestershire R.C.£10.00



1st     Alex Whitmore                      Ratae R.C.                            £15.00
2ndBen WaddingtonLeicester Forest C.C.£10.00
3rdJordan O'Mara   ( W )W.C. Sheffield R.T.£5.00   


Full Results on Scratch


1.       Robert Gibbons                                    Hinckley C.R.C.                                 00:54:19
2.Mostyn BullockBuxton C.C.00:54:47
3.Sean VincentTeam Zenith00:56:08
4.Geoff PlattsMG Decor00:56:09
5.Patrick BeilbyLeicestershire R.C.00:57:05
6.Adam BidwellKingston Wheelers00:57:18
7.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.00:58:27
8.Andy SmithNorth Notts. Olympic01:00:12
9.Jake HubbardWelland Valley C.C.01:00:31
10.Paul ArnoldMapperley C.C.01:00:46
11.Christopher SprottLeicester Forest C.C.01:01:52
12.Edward TarelliTeam PB Performance01:02:17
13.Denise Bayliss   ( W )W.C. Sheffield R.T.01:03:07
14.Russell GentMelton Olympic C.C.01:03:24
15.=Pete TuckwoodMapperley C.C.01:04:12
15.=Joanne Walker   ( W )W.C. Sheffield R.T.01:04:12
17.Martin HedleyWitham Wheelers01:04:35
18.Ben WaddingtonLeicester Forest C.C.01:05:40
19.Linda Hubbard   ( W )Welland Valley C.C.01:06:06
20.George BarkerBeacon R.C.C.01:06:17
21.Paul HoodHinckley C.R.C.01:06:47
22.Rod WestonSleaford Wheelers01:07:18
23.Sarah Soden   ( W )Leicester Forest C.C.01:07:53
24.Jordan O'Mara   ( W )W.C. Sheffield R.T.01:08:41
25.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.01:08:58
26.Mervyn SperryLeicestershire R.C.01:09:07
27.Stephen CastledineLeicester Forest C.C.01:11:03
28.Brigitte Gaillard   ( W )Ratae R.C.01:11:56
29.John ArlottLeicester Forest C.C.01:13:57
30.Tom BaileyKettering C.C.01:16:11
31.Steve KellyLeicestershire C.C.01:26:48
 Mike SpurrLeicestershire R.C. DNF
 Carl RobertsTeam JewsonDNF
 Christopher FullertonWolverhampton WheelersDNS
 Paul TurnerLeicester Forest C.C.DNS Apols.
 David YorkRatae R.C.DNS Apols.
 Michael ChurchRockingham Forest WheelersDNS Apols.
 Matthew FinchLeicester Forest C.C.DNS Apols.
 Nick DavisKettering C.C.DNS
 Paul ReevesLutterworth C.C.DNS
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