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Ratae R.C. Open 10m TT - Saturday 9th August 2014


Ratae Road Club 10 mile Open Time Trial - A10/11, Six Hills - Saturday 9th August 2014





                        1.       Matt Bottrill

                        2.       Matt Sinclair

                        3.       James Perkins



                        1.       Dean Weston

                        2.       Brigitte Gaillard

                        3.       Chris Spray


      Vets on Standard

                        1.       Geoff Platts

                        2.       Mike Garvey

                        3.       Ian Guilor


Full Results


1.     Matt Bottrill              wwwdrag2zero.com19:16 
2.Matt Sinclair                                    Lutterworth Cycle Centre                            19:49 
3.James PerkinsZenith C.C.20:22 
4.James GarrattWelland Valley C.C.20:50 
5.Gareth PymmCoalville Wheelers21:13 
6.Ian GuilorMapperley C.C.21:29 
7. =Sean VincentZenith / Buzz Cycles21:57 
7. =Geoff PlattsMG Decor21:57 
9.Carl BromleyLeicester Forest C.C.21:58 
10.Chris SprottLeicester Forest C.C.22:05 
11.Dean TaceyLeicestershire Road Club22:39 
12.Andy SmithNorth Notts. Olympic22:40 
13. = Richard Gamble Hinckley C.R.C.22:49 
13. =Peter LevineCoalville Wheelers22:49 
15.Neil TaylorCoalville Wheelers22:54 
16.Stephen LoraineHinckley C.R.C.23:03 
17.Stephen RadmallHinckley C.R.C.23:04 
18.Jon BeereWitham Wheelers23:15 
19.Neil HoldenLutterworth Cycle Centre23:18 
20.Nigel FordV. C. Long Eaton23:29 
21.Richard GarrattWelland Valley C.C.23:30 
22.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.23:36 
23.Ian RosewarneLeicestershire Road Club23:50 
24.Steve BoatWelland Valley C.C.24:01 
25.Chris WilcoxRatae R.C.24:09 
26.Mike GarveyVTTA North Midlands27:15 
27.Louise Burnie   ( L )Loughborough Students24:17 
28.Nick BurtonNewalk Castle C.C.24:21 
29.Chris WhitmoreRatae R.C.24:23 
30. =Milchael WilkinsonNorth Notts. Olympic24:34 
30. =Anthony HardenbergWitham Wheelers24:34 
32.Chris WhittleRatae R.C.24:40 
32. =      David YarhamPeterborough C.C.24:40 
34.Ryan BallardCoalville Wheelers24:41 
35.Paul FaireyWitham Wheelers24:49 
36. =Louise Day   ( L )TeamJM1racingPolyP24:56 
36. =Martin ListerWitham Wheelers / EchoPers.24:56 
38.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.25:22 
39.Clare Tacey   ( L )Leicestershire Road Club25:31 
40. =Chris SprayRatae R.C.25:39 
40. =Bryan FenwickMelton Olympic25:39 
42.Brian PetoV.C. Long Eaton25:41 
43.Bill BentleyC.C. Giro25:44 
44.John ArlottLeicester Forest C.C.26:14 
45.Rodney WestonLeicestershire Road Club26:40 
46. Grant WarwickWelland Valley C.C.26:58 
47.Colin HearnRatae R.C.27:02 
48.Ron GratrixLeicester Forest C.C.27:14 
49.Colin HowsonCoalville Wheelers27:30 
50.Jim GreenLeicester Forest C.C.27:43 
51.Brigitte Gaillard   ( L )Ratae R.C.27:43 
52.Deborah Shaw   ( L )Melton Olympic28:10 
53.Dean WestonRatae R.C.28:12 
54.Rieta Simmonds   ( L )Ratae R.C.28:20 
55.Mike SpurrLeicestershire Road Club28:25 
56.Annette Roberts   ( L )Ratae R.C.28:36 
57.Robin McLagenVTTA NM28:38 
58.Richard BurnettV.C. Long Eaton30:43 
59.Peter RoseMercia Lloyds C.C.34:10 
DNS Apols.  Nick GilesWrexham R.C.  








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