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Ratae 'Open' 10 - A10/11 - 8th August 2015

Ratae R.C. - 'Open' 10 mile TT - A10/11, Six Hills - Saturday 8th August 2015




1st.       Matt Bottrill
2nd.James Garratt
3rd.Brett Harwood


1st        Martin Perrett
2nd.Ian Rosewarne
3rd.Paul Turner

Ladies Handicap

Gina Vaughan

Vets on Standard

1st.       Geoff Platts
2nd.Robert Gibbons
3rdAnthony Marlow   

Full Results

1.              Matt Bottrill                                               19:23    
2.James GarrattWelland Valley C.C.20:00
3.Brett HarwoodTerry Wright Cycling20:04
4.=Robert GibbonsHinckley C.R.C.20:40
4.=David MeadHinckley C.R.C.20:40
6.Jamie HainesMelton Olympic21:17
7.Geoff PlattsMG Decor21:27
8.Gareth PymmTeam Zenith Gc Racing21:37
9.Neil HoldenLutterworth Cycle Centre21:43
10.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.21:45
11.John PowellLeicester Forest C.C.21:52
12.William PerrettHeanor Clarion22:05
13.Chris SprottLeicester Forest C.C.22:12
14.Neil TaylorCoalville Wheelers22:16
15.Steve HowgillLeicestershire R.C.22:36
16.Steve LorraineHinckley C.R.C.22:37
17.Mark McCartneyNotts. Clarion22:44
18.Paul TurnerLeicester Forest C.C.22:45
19.Jon DurninWelland Valley C.C.22:47
20.Ian RosewarneLeicestershire R.C.22:57
21.Kelvin SouthanMGDecorCarbonBikeTech23:02
22.Andy SmithNorth Notts. Olympic23:04
23.Giles WhiteSherwood C.C.23:10
24.Carl RobertsTeam Jewson MI Racing23:14
25.Chris WhittleRatae R.C.23:22
26.Chris WhitmoreRatae R.C.23:29
27.Martin PerrettHeanor Clarion23:38
28.Alan MorrisHinckley C.R.C.23:40
29.Luke RichardsonHinckley C.R.C.23:52
30.Ryan BallardCoalville Wheelers23:53
31.Anthony MarlowMercia Lloyds C.C.24:03
32.Russell GentMelton Olympic24:15
33.Steve BoatWelland Valley C.C.24:16
34.Ed WatsonRatae R.C.24:26
35.Ben WaddingtonLeicester Forest C.C.24:30
36.Neil MetcalfeRatae R.C.24:33
37.Gary IsonMelton Olympic24:36
38.Nev BrayCoalville Wheelers24:37
39.Chris SprayRatae R.C.24:57
40.Stephen WalshSherwood C.C.25:05
41.Ralph RichardsonHinckley C.R.C.25:11
42.A. HardenbergWyton Wheelers25:12
43.Brian PetoVelo Long Eaton25:17
44.Bryan FenwickMelton Olympic25:19
45.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.25:26
46.Gina Vaughan  ( W )Leicester Tri Club 25:28
47.Francis GraftonNotts. Clarion25:36
48.David HerdWitham Wheelers25:52
49.Greg HodgesCoalville Wheelers26:22
50.Brian WillsHinckley C.R.C.26:33
51.Matt FinchLeicester Forest C.C.26:45
52.Rob BennettRatae R.C.26:51
53.Grant WarwickLutterworth Cycle Centre 27:06
54.John ArlottLeicester Forest C.C.27:08
55.Deborah Shaw  ( W )Melton Olympic27:44
56.Colin HearnRatae R.C.28:52
57.Mike SpurrLeicestershire R.C.28:41
58.Jill Morris  ( W )Hinckley C.R.C.29:13
59.Annette Roberts  ( W )Team Jewson MI Racing29:25
60.Peter KottRatae R.C.29:37
61.Alison Ide  ( W )Ratae R.C.29:58
 Paul Tomkins Lutterworth Cycle CentreD.N.F
 Patrick GouldMatlock C.C.Apol. D.N.S. 
 Mike DavisBeeston R.C.Apol. D.N.S.
 Norman FennTricycle Assn.Apol. D.N.S.
 Ron GratrixLeicester Forest C.C.Apol. D.N.S.
 Roy OakesTeam iOptixApol. D.N.S.
 Peter LavineCoalville WheelersApol. D.N.S.
 Colin HowsonCoalville WheelersApol. D.N.S.
 Matt SinclairLutterwirth Cycle CentreApol. D.N.S.



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