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Committee Meeting of the 14th of November...
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  Third Party Insurance - Guidance Note for...
Committee Meeting of the 26th of September...
A Tribute to Roy Knight
21 September 2017, 13.44
A Tribute to Roy Knight - Ratae Club Member, who died...
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Ratae Evening Ten - Event 3 of 6 - 8th June 2016


Ratae 'Evening Ten Series' - 10 mile Time Trial - Gilmorton - Event 3 of 6 - 8th June 2016


Alex Whitmore is the Winner of The Dave Grundy Trophy for 2016


1.             Timothy Smith                            Welland Valley C.C.                          22:23         
2.Ricki CumberlandTeam Bottrill22:56 
3.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.23:04 
4.=Miles FoskettWelland Valley C.C.23:31 
4.=Neil HoldenLutterworth CRT23:31 
6.Andy MacKayWelland Valley C.C. 23:47 
7.John PowellLeicester Forest C.C.23:49 
8.Ian WroblewskiLutterworth CRT24:12 
9.Jake HubbardWelland Valley C.C. 24:16 
10.Steve RhodesRatae R.C.24:27 
11.Rob McDonaghLeicester Forest C.C.24:36 
12.Adrian KilworthWelland Valley C.C. 24:48 
13.Ed WatsonRatae R.C.24:49 
14.Jonathan DurninWelland Valley C.C. 25:01 
15.Chris AylwardLeicester Forest C.C.25:22 
16.Ben WhitakerLeicester Tri Club25:25 
17.Steve BoatWelland Valley C.C. 25:28 
18.Chris SprayRatae R.C.25:37 
19.Daniel ReidenbachRatae R.C.25:40 
20.Anthony SpenceRatae R.C.26:02 
21.Max SillifantWelland Valley C.C. 26:18 
22.Linda Hubbard  ( W )Welland Valley C.C. 26:29 
23.Mitch JamesWelland Valley C.C. 26:37 
24.Thomas O'NeillLeicester Forest C.C.26:40 
25.Charlie HoltonRatae Day Member26:50 
26.Dave CherryLeicester Forest C.C.27:25 
27.Robin TownsendWelland Valley C.C. 27:40 
28.Simon WardWelland Valley C.C. 27:59 
29.Dave MeiderRatae R.C.28:46 
30.=Richard LyonsRatae R.C.29:01 
30.=Ben ForsbrookTeam Bottrill29:01 
32.Dave YorkRatae R.C.29:07 
33.Andrew KenneyRatae Day Member29:09 
34.John KielyRatae R.C.29:23 
35.Peter KenneyRatae Day Member29:49 
36.Grant WarwickLutterworth CRT29:54 
37.Sally Richards  ( W )Ratae Day Member30:03 
38.Jim SmithRatae R.C.30:42 
39.Colin HearnRatae R.C.30:46 
40.Brigitte GaillardRatae R.C.31:07 
41.Chris RedfernRatae R.C.31:12 
42.Harry RedfernRatae Day Member31:39 
43.Alison Ide  ( W )Hinckley C.R.C.32:27 
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