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17 April 2017, 14.43
'Standard Times' - Used For Points Scoring in the...
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Ratae Evening Ten - Event 2 of 6 - 25th May 2016


Ratae 'Evening Ten Series' - 10 mile Time Trial - Gilmorton - Event 2 of 6 - 25th May 2016


1.           Myles Foskett                             Welland Valley C.C.                        23:16    
2.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.23:34
3.Chris SprottLeicester Forest C.C.23:39
4.Neil HoldenLutterworth CRT23:41
5.Matt CleggBeacon R.C.C.24:16
6.Courtney Blockley-Compton            Birmingham Uni.24:20
7.John PowellLeicester Forest C.C.24:24
8.George HoseasonRatae R.C.24:28
9.Ricki CumberlandTeam Bottrill24:30
10.Simon AskhamLeicester Forest C.C.25:01
11.Ed WatsonRatae R.C.25:05
12.Adrian KilworthWelland Valley C.C.25:11
13.Jonathan DurninWelland Valley C.C.25:23
14.Dale NorrisLeicester Forest C.C.25:28
15.Rob McDonaghLeicester Forest C.C.25:36
16.Chris AylwardLeicester Forest C.C.25:37
17.Daniel ReidenbachRatae R.C.26:05
18.Max SillifantWelland Valley C.C.26:06
19.Anthony SpenceRatae R.C.26:41
20.=Linda Hubbard  ( W )Welland Valley C.C.26:43
20.=Graham BishopRatae R.C.26:43
22.Thomas O'NeillLeicester Forest C.C.26:48
23.David AllchinLeicester Forest C.C.27:09
24.Nick RedfernRatae R.C.27:18
25.Reed PartridgeAmbion R.T.27:34
26.Richard WoolertonRatae Day Member27:34
27.Sarah Soden  ( W )Leicester Forest C.C.28:11
28.Jack BurtonRatae R.C.28:18
29.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.28:43
30.Paul FaireyWitham Wheelers28:45
31.Becky Allchin  ( W )Leicester Forest C.C.28:52
32.Dave CherryLeicester Forest C.C.28:56
33.Kam KaliaRatae R.C.28:58
34.Grant WarwickLutterworth CRT29:51
35.Chris OwenRatae Day Member29:52
36.Ben ForsbrookTeam Bottrill29:53
37.Dave YorkRatae R.C.29:56
38.Jas PurewalRatae R.C.30:18
39.Sally Richards  ( W )Ratae Day Member30:30
40.Steven CoulamWelland Valley C.C.30:34
41.Jim SmithRatae R.C.31:15
42.Colin HearnRatae R.C.31:38
43.Chris RedfernRatae R.C.32:28
44.Baz GoodeRatae Day Member33:00
45.Harry RedfernRatae Day Member33:26


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