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08 December 2017, 13.18
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Early Season TT - Gilmorton - 4th March 2017


Early Season TT - Race 1 - Gilmorton - Saturday 4th March 2017


1.                Matt Plews                                Welland Valley C.C.                                23:37
2.Will PerrettLangdale Lightweights23:53
3.Matt BaileySpeed Hub24:08
4.Steve RhodesRatae R.C.24:11
5.Richard SaqladiMark White Coaching24:15
6.Mark BrightyCoalville Wheelers24:33
7.           Daniel ReidenbachRatae R.C.24:35
8.Dan FisherLeicester Forest C.C.24:43
9.Ed WatsonRatae R.C.24:51
10.Ben WhitakerLeicester Tri Club25:00
11.Jonathan DurninWelland Valley C.C.25:09
12.Pete WilliamsLeicester Forest C.C.25:17
13.Chris SprottLeicester Forest C.C.25:38
14.Chris SprayRatae R.C.25:41
15.Phil BullMark White Coaching25:45
16.Matt CleggBeacon Road C.C.25:49
17.Matt DowlingLeicester Forest C.C.25:52
18.Brandon StockMalton Wheelers25:57
19.Jake DobsonBrother NRT Driveplan RT26:01
20.Martin PerrettHeanor Clarion26:10
21.Peter BentleyWelland Valley C.C.26:12
22.Darren WilliamsMark White Coaching26:23
23.Simon AskhamLeicester Forest C.C.26:24
24.John PowellLeicester Forest C.C.26:26
25.Ed CooneyL.U.C.C.26:28
26.John CarrRatae Day Member26:37
27=.David SweetmanWelland Valley C.C.26:38
27=.Edward SmithCity R.C. Hull26:38
29.Neil Metcalfe Ratae R.C.26:42
30.Simon WardWelland Valley C.C.26:50
31.Mitchell JamesWelland Valley C.C.26:52
32.Anthony SpenceRatae R.C.26:53
33.Colum FosterRatae R.C.27:03
34.Carl RobertsWelland Valley C.C.27:05
35.Robin TownsendWelland Valley C.C.27:30
36.Andy CassieRatae R.C.27:35
37.Dave CherryLeicester Forest C.C.27:43
38.Dean BarberSheffield University C.C.27:46
39.Simon HammondsMark White Coaching28:04
40.Clare Davies  ( W )Mark White Coaching28:10
41.Chris AylwardLeicester Forest C.C.28:24
42.Steven CoulamWelland Valley C.C.28:44
43.Graham ParsonsMark White Coaching28:58
44.Becky Allchin  ( W )Leicester Forest C.C.29:05
45.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.29:15
46.Lindsay Newman  ( W )Team Jewson29:21
47.Jack BurtonRatae R.C.29:38
48.Chris WilcoxRatae R.C.29:51
49.Jas PurewalRatae R.C.30:01
50.Nicola Traynor  ( W )Welland Valley C.C.30:21
51.Ben TelfordRatae Day Member30:27
52.   Brigitte Gaillard  ( W )Ratae R.C.30:37
53.Peter LeeLeics. Road Club31:32
54.Jeff JonesLeicester Forest C.C.32:11
55.David BaylissWelland Valley C.C.32:56
56.Roy KnightRatae R.C.33:14
57Louise Wright  ( W )Mark White Coaching33:58
 Bob Wellington-BakerMark White CoachingD.N.F.
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