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17 April 2017, 14.43
'Standard Times' - Used For Points Scoring in the...
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Early Season 10m TT - 7th March 2015


Ratae R.C. - Early Season 10 mile Time Trial - Gilmorton Circuit - 7th March 2015


1.          Nick Cave                                   Lutterworth C.C.                            22:47
2.Matt PlewsWelland Valley C.C.23:44
3.Neil HoldenLutterworth C.C.24:24
4.Chris SprottLeicester Forest24:39
5.=Simon AskhamLeicester Forest24:41
5.=Ashley RoueLutterworth C.C.24:41
7.=Alex HewinsRatae R.C.24:43
7.=David GorleyLeics. Tri Club24:43
9.Mark FairgrieveWelland Valley C.C.24:48
10.Alex WhitmoreRatae R.C.25:01
11.=Josh Van NeiropWelland Valley C.C.25:23
11.=John CottinghamRugby R.R.C.25:23
13.Jon DurninWelland Valley C.C.25:30
14.Carl RobertsRatae R.C.25:36
15.John PowellLeicester Forest26:20
16.Richard SmithHinckley C.R.C.26:35
17.Wayne HendersonLeicester Forest26:52
18.Ben ScottLeicester Forest27:09
19.Steve BoatWelland Valley C.C.27:12
20.Andy CassieRatae R.C.27:20
21.Andrew HarperWelland Valley C.C.27:26
22.Dan FisherLeicester Forest27:34
23.Neil MetcalfeRatae R.C.27:51
24.Linda Hubbard  ( L )Welland Valley C.C.27:52
25.Ed WatsonRatae R.C.27:57
26.Simon WardWelland Valley C.C. 28:01
27.Julian HackettLeicester Forest28:34
28.Chris SprayRatae R.C.28:39
29.Alan MorrisHinckley C.R.C.28:50
30.David SweetmanWelland Valley C.C.28:53
31.Terry HorsburghRatae R.C.29:11
32.Paul HudsonWelland Valley C.C.29:37
33.Rob BennettRatae R.C.30:10
34.Dave ManshipLeicester Forest C.C.30:11
35.Terry GreenWelland Valley30:12
36.Nick RedfernRatae R.C.30:22
37.Ibrahim Mukaddam         Ratae Day Member30:23
38.Phil AdcockRatae Day Member30:32
39.John FoxRatae R.C.30:42
40.Grant WarwickLutterworth C.C.31:07
41.Jas PurewalRatae R.C.31:22
42.=Brigitte Gaillard  ( L )Ratae R.C.31:38
42.=David YorkRatae R.C.31:38
44.Dave WardRatae R.C.31:47
45.Jack BoltonRatae Day Member32:11
46.=Rod McGowenLutterworth C.C.32:46
46.=David SandersSpeed Hub32:46
48.Alison Ide  ( L )Ratae Day Member34:57
49.Nick DavisKettering C.C.35:01
50.Jill Morris  ( L )Hinckley C.R.C.35:58
51.Anna Davis  ( L )Kettering C.C.45:12
 Dave ManderWelland Valley C.C.D.N.S.


We aplogise for the delay in getting the results to the HQ today, principally caused by the amount of entries on the day.  This will be resolved next Saturday and thereon, by running a 'shuttle service' with finishers' times, as the event is still running.  Many thanks for all your support, we hope to see you again next Saturday. 


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