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Dave Grundy Trophy 10m. TT - 2nd June 2010

   Results of Dave Grundy Memorial 10 mile TT    
   on Wednesday, 2nd June, 2010    
   Course - Gilmorton Circuit    
 Fastest on Handicap and Winner of the Dave Grundy Memorial Cup Zoë Nelson- Judd


 Results on scratch  
1Alex HewinsRatae RC25.00
2Steve BoatPrivate Trial25.59
3Greg HodgesPrivate Trial26.40
4Terry HorsburghRatae RC26.47
5Dave YorkRatae RC27.40
6Ron BeachPrivate Trial27.54
7Roger NorthernRatae RC28.05
8Steve BullPrivate Trial28.12
9Pete ScarlettPrivate Trial28.18
10Grant WarwickPrivate Trial28.20
11Phil WadeRatae RC28.21
12Colin HearnRatae RC28.48
13Matt WilsonRatae RC28.49
14Rob BennettRatae RC28.57
15Matt BootRatae RC29.10
16Paul HudsonRatae RC29.53
17Grant HammondRatae RC30.11
18Rod ThompsonRatae RC30.55
19James GarrattPrivate Trial31.10
20Tracy CharltonRatae (Day Member)31.30
21Roger BentleyRatae RC31.47
22Clive CoxPrivate Trial32.17
23Mike Nelson-JuddRatae RC33.32
24Ken DooreRatae RC34.38
25Zoë Nelson-JuddRatae RC34.52
27Helen WestonRatae RC36.37
 Pete MossRatae RCDNF

Results on handicap (Ratae only)  
Pos'nNameH'capNet Time
1Zoë Nelson-Judd15.0019.52
2Dave York7.0020.40
3Roger Northern7.2020.45
4Terry Horsburgh6.0020.47
5Matt Wilson7.3021.19
6Rob Bennett7.3021.27
7Alex Hewins3.3021.30
8Roger Bentley10.0021.47
9Colin Hearn7.0021.48
10Matt Boot7.0022.10
11Grant Hammond8.0022.11
12Phil Wade6.0022.21
13Paul Hudson7.3022.23
14Rod Thompson8.3022.25
15Mike Nelson-Judd10.0023.32
16Ken Doore11.0023.38
17Helen Weston10.0026.37
18Ray Isaac8.0027.10


 Results on standard (Ratae only)   
Pos'nNameTimeStd+/- VOS
1Terry Horsburgh26.4730.30+4.17
2Roger Northern28.0530.02+1.57
3Colin Hearn28.4830.30+1.42
4Rob Bennett28.5730.30+1.33
5Roger Bentley31.4733.18+1.31
6Dave York27.4029.06+1.26
7Phil Wade28.2129.20+0.59
8Rod Thompson30.5530.30-0.25
9Mike Nelson-Judd33.3232.15-1.17
10Paul Hudson29.5327.46-2.07
11Ken Doore34.3832.15-2.23
12Grant Hammond30.1126.54-3.17
13Ray Isaac35.1031.15-3.55
14Zoë Nelson-Judd34.5229.48-5.04


  Run under the Rules and Regulations of Cycling Time Trials plc   
 Organiser , Timekeeper & Handicapper Jim York  
 Order of Finish Pete Fewkes  
 Pusher off Chris Tipler  
 Marshals Paul Baulch, Colin & Audrey Pattison,  
   Kevin Brooker, Bill Powell  
 Catering Janice Bentley  
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