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Ted's 'Hip-Op' - A Message of Thanks

Message: Many thanks to all for your kind messages. After the first night all is progressing very nicely. Nights are not ideal I suppose, sleeping half sitting up in a single bed for six weeks, but..............small price to pay. Can walk about half a mile now on one crutch or less, and could probably do more but I'm keeping well within the bounds at present.

Intensive gym work during the weeks leading up to the op. sure have helped. I visit the physio on Wednesday and shall be looking for the best programme of exercises I can get and a possible early return to some parts of the gym.

My left leg is somewhat mis-shapen but the right is as finely shaped as ever and both look very comely in white stockings.........quite fetching actually. I always fancied myself in spats after seeing all those George Raft movies. We're still trying to figure out a way to get them off and on again without a wrestling match.

My domestic manager, the amazing Cynth, now reckons that if I can do half a mile walking then by the same token I can help to cook, make the coffee, wash up and tidy up. How misguided can that be? I had hoped to keep all progress a secret from her for a long time, but todays's walk in Knighton Park scuppered that fantasy.

The honeymoon period is over. I am doomed.

Christmas came and went with minimal alcohol, and maximum disruption to our intended programme. Wild Xmas evenings with zany children and grandhildren on the South Coast and the NewYear panto in Norwich were all cancelled on medical advice. Apparently new hips don't like long car journeys, but we both had a lovely time at home, Cynth and I, with surprise visits from lots of friends and family. Brilliant.

Extra thanks to Pete Moss my hip mentor. Everything you told me was just about spot on Pete. And the Spire hospital, my chosen NHS option was fantastic.

I like this new hip. It gets better by the day and sure beats the old one.

A happy, successful, memorable and peaceful 2012 to everybody.

Ted Page

From Ted Page at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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