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Stem Comparison Tool - Must See !


How many times have you changed you stem or spacers to try and achieve a more suitable reach and drop ?

I bet that there are plenty of stems that have been bought and fitted, before then being found to be the wrong size.

Changing to a longer stem will almost certainly affect the drop of the bars.  This can be offset by using spacers, but how many and what size ?   Using a tape measure will not be accurate when small adjustments are needed.

I have added a 'Link', ( number 13 ), on our 'Links' page that will take all the guesswork out of what effect a different stem, stem angle and spacers will have.

You simply put it the specs. of your existing set up, ie. stem length, stem angle and spacers in the 'red' box, and then your proposed changes in the 'blue' box.  Click on the calculate button and it gives you an instant comparison, both visually and in measurements down to a millimeter, of the changes in reach and drop.

Enter the stem angle degrees as a plus or minus value, depending on which way up it is fitted.  Common stem angles are 0, 6, 8, 10 and 17 degrees, most of which can be flipped to give a plus or minus angle. 

Any of the three variables on the comparison tool can be changed, so for instance you can alter the spacers alone calculate different drops to the bar.

Just remember that different makes of stems will have differing 'stack' heights, generally between 35 and 45 millimeters, so you will have to factor this in by halving the difference and adding or substracting it to the result.

Have a look and have a play around with it !   You will be surprised on how changing things around affects the set up.

And you might save some money by not buying the wrong stem !

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