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Chris On Tour In Belgium - December 2012


Chris  -  Intrepid Ratae Adventurer !    -   HE'S BACK !

  Chris had a few days off work so what better to do, in his words, than to catch the ferry over to Calais and ride on the cycle way to Amsterdam to see how long it takes !

That's exactly what Chris has done, starting on the 17th of December, when he rode for a full 12 hours and took in some of the surrounding towns to make it more interesting.  Apparently the sun came out for two hours and he nearly got dry.  Is he totally barking mad or should we all be doing this ?

After riding to Bruges and around Belgium he rode through Rotterdam and arrived in Amsterdam on the 21st.  He then caught a ferry back to the UK and rode home !

He has told me that he would have liked to carry on, up into Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but had to get home for Christmas, so will leave that to another time.

This ride was completed in December in adverse and very wet conditions without any support or planned stops.

I can only have total admiration for the man's single mindedness, tenacity and endurance.

Well done Chris.

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