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2011 - 'Vets Adjustment' Handicap Trial

The placing of veterans in our Club events is presently decided on Vets Standard tables. This has long been a bone of contention since the Vets Standard criteria were conceived many years ago and times achieved by particularly the older veterans have improved beyond all recognition, because of advances in bicycle technology, improvements in clothing and better standards of fitness and diet. This has led to the system becoming discredited because the younger vets are unable to compete fairly. The system of standard times is also difficult to administer and is frequently not understood.

For some time I have felt that we ought to replace the vets standard placings in our club events with a sort of handicap, which I have called "Vets Adjustment". This involves providing an adjustment equivalent to a handicap for each veteran rider depending only on their age and sex.

Having had this idea, I have worked out a set of adjustment values, using as a basis for the calculation the age records for men and women for a standard ten mile time trial recorded by the VTTA at 2010. This should give a fair allowance for both old age and gender allowing all veteran riders to compete on a level playing field using their personal vets adjustment value. Tables detailing the proposed adjustments for the 10 mile trial distance are shown on the attached sheet. This in no way supersedes or replaces the traditional handicap system which is based upon the record of previous performances by the individual rider.

Anyone wishing to know precisely how I have made the calculation of the adjustments can either see me individually or, if there is sufficient interest, I could give a short talk about my method.

It has been agreed by the Ratae Road Club committee that the Vets Adjustment system proposed above will be trialled for club events only for the 2011 season and that vets awards for this year will be decided by this method instead of the traditional vets standards.

Bob Perrett – January 8th, 2011

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